About Us

St. Clare Catholic Gifts is a family-owned and operated business, dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, a natural extension for us from our original business St. Clare Heirloom Seeds. We always have desired to do more in our business that involved the Catholic Faith, as truly it is everything to us, a part of all we do, every day and we long to spread the Faith and support fellow Catholics in their devotion to Our Lord, Our Lady, and the Saints. So, we decided not to merely have a small area of the seed business dedicated to the Faith, but to begin a full Catholic Gifts store.  Our desire is to make available beautiful Catholic Gifts, books, etc. faithful to the Magisterium and honoring the beauty of the traditional teachings of Holy Mother Church, to enrich and strengthen the Catholic Faith in your life and the lives of those you know and love.