Fraternal Charity Catholic Audiobook CD Set


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Fraternal Charity Catholic Audiobook CD Set

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Fraternal Charity is an excellent read with valuable insights into the virtue of charity, the virtue that, if well-practiced, will bring us closest to the perfection of Christ. Whether Our Lord was speaking to His ignorant and often rude Apostles, the sick and poor, or with His enemies and sinners, He was always benign, merciful, affable, patient; in a word, His charity appeared in all its most amiable forms. The author wrote this book for members of religious orders, to enrich their practice of charity to each other. However, as the translator notes “Though specially written for religious, it cannot fail to prove beneficial to seculars in every sphere of life; as love, the sunshine of existence, is wanted everywhere.”  Would make a great title to listen to as a family, for study, discussion, and growth in the virtue of charity! Who amongst us could not stand to grow in this virtue?


2 Audio CD’s  – 1 Hour and 35 Minutes.


By Father Benoit Valuy


Fraternal Charity Audiobook is read by Dave7


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