On Piety Catholic Audiobook CD Set


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On Piety Catholic Audiobook CD Set

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The book, On Piety, is written for both those who practice piety and those who disdain it. As noted in the preface, the practice of piety has many advantages. The pious person is drawn into closer contact with God, his heart is purified and made glad, his mind is enlightened, his will is strengthened, and his zeal to love God and neighbor is enkindled. In Part I, Father Guibert discusses the nature of piety, and in Part II he enumerates its many fruits. The sequel to On Piety is Guibert’s On the Exercises of Piety, which illustrates how piety is practiced in various ways. Both books are an excellent read and perfect for anyone who want to understand further the depth and beauty of this noble virtue.


By Jean Guibert


4 Audio CD’s – 3 Hours and 36 Minutes.


Nihil Obstat – J. N. Strassmaier, S.J. – Censor Deputatus
Imprimatur – Edm. Can. Surmont, Vicar General
November 7, 1911


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