Saint Charles Borromeo Catholic Audiobook CD Set


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Saint Charles Borromeo Catholic Audiobook CD Set

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Saint Charles Borromeo: A Sketch of the Reforming Cardinal


“In those days when passions ran riot, and the knowledge of the truth was almost completely perverted and obscured, there was a continual struggle with errors, and human society, going from bad to worse, seemed to be rushing towards the abyss. In the midst of these errors rose up proud and rebellious men, “enemies of the Cross of Christ . . . men of earthly sentiments whose god is their belly” (Phil. iii. 18, 19). These, bent not on correcting morals, but on denying dogmas, multiplied the disorder, loosening for themselves and for others the bridle of licentiousness, and condemning the authoritative guidance of the Church to pander to the passions of the most corrupt princes and peoples, with a virtual tyranny overturned its doctrine, constitution, discipline.”


It was into this time that St. Charles was born, and for such a time that God created him. During each age when schisms and heresies seem ready to destroy the Church, God sends a great reformer to teach, renew, and spread the Truth, to break down the work attempted by the Father of Lies. Saint Charles Borromeo was a leading figure during the Counter-Reformation and was responsible for significant reforms in the Catholic Church. He worked tirelessly to renew the Church, filled with the qualities of a true and good reformer: virtue, knowledge of true doctrine, common sense, proper authority, and piety. A successful reformer must be one who others are filled with the desire to follow, Saint Charles Borromeo had the zeal to guide the reform, as well as the necessary qualities to inspire the masses to follow the way of Truth!


by Louise M. Stacpoole-Kenny


Nihil Obstat: Franciscus Canonicus Wyndham, O.S.C. – Censor Deputatus
Imprimatur:   Edmund Canon Surmont – Vicar General, Westminster   December 12, 1910


5 Audio CD’s – 5 Hours and 12 Minutes.


Saint Charles Borromeo Audiobook is read by Maria Therese.


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