Saint Francis of Assisi: A Biography Catholic Audiobook CD Set


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Saint Francis of Assisi: A Biography Catholic Audiobook CD Set

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A wonderfully detailed book on the life of the beloved Saint Francis of Assisi, even highlighting the political state of Assisi at the time and geography of the area. What made Saint Francis of Assisi toss all life’s advantages aside and embrace a life of austerity and total sacrifice? This book does a great job of telling us why He did, as well as  his life’s story. You will hear details not common to most biographies, including his infancy and youth. Also included are some of the more well known stories of his life, but with more and enlightening detail. Chapters include: Infancy and Youth, Francis Becomes a Soldier, The Convalescent, The Conversion,  The Message in San Damiano, Portiuncula and the Early Disciples, The Sermon to the Birds, and many more. A fantastic account of the life story of one of the Church’s most well known saints, that is sure to touch the heart!


“Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”  – Saint Francis of Assisi


Johannes Jorgensen (1866–1956) is best known outside his native Denmark for his popular biography of Saint Francis of Assisi, which he wrote in 1907. As a student in Copenhagen, he searched in vain for truth in various secular and spiritual philosophies. But his 1894 visit to Assisi, with his friend Mogens Ballin, a Jewish convert to Catholicism, led to a turning point in Jorgensen’s own spiritual life and quest for truth and marked the beginning of his fervent love for Francis, a love that became the preoccupation of his life and led to his conversion to Catholicism in 1896. His timeless biography of Francis of Assisi continues to inspire readers from all creeds and cultures. (Adapted from Wikipedia)


by Johannes Jorgensen, translated by Thomas O’Conor Sloane


12 Audio CD’s – 12 Hours and 46 Minutes.


Saint Francis of Assisi: A Biography Catholic Audiobook CD Set is read by Dave7.


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