Sin and Its Consequences Catholic Audiobook CD Set


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Sin and Its Consequences Catholic Audiobook CD Set

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Sin and Its Consequences is based on a series of eight Lenten lectures by Cardinal Manning. The first four chapters deal with the problem of sin. After explaining the nature of sin, the author explains the distinction between mortal and venial sins. He further discusses sins of omission which, if left unchecked, can all too easily lead to more serious sins of commission. In the fifth chapter, His Emminence shows how the Sacrament of Penance is a most effective remedy for actual sins committed after Baptism. He gives practical advice for avoiding the occasions that lead to sin and illustrates how Jesus Himself overcame temptations during His earthly life. Finally, he describes the joys that await those who sincerely repent and conform their wills to the divine will, for, by the mercy and grace of God, those who live and die in solidarity with Jesus Christ, shall rise with Him to everlasting life and glory.


by Henry Edward Manning


7 Audio CD’s – 7 Hours and 20 Minutes.


Sin and Its Consequences Audiobook is read by Dave7


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