Story of a Soul Catholic Audiobook CD Set, The



The Story of a Soul Catholic Audiobook CD Set

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One of the most well known spiritual books in our day, The Story of a Soul, highlights the life of St. Therese from her own memories, as well as her spiritual development into the soul of a Saint. This story is one the everyday person can relate to, starting out life like most of us, very self-centered and learning later as she grew to look outward, particularly to God. St. Therese’s simple and “easy” outlook on the Faith are a revolutionary way to walk the path to holiness, and our ultimate goal of Heaven.


Her method of obtaining sanctity, now called The Little Way, has touched so many souls and made such an impact that she was named a Doctor of the Church. She teaches us that it is through doing well the little things in every day specifically for love of God that we can each easily attain holiness, union with God, and that glorious eternal reward, our Heavenly Home.


by Thérèse de Lisieux, translated by Thomas Taylor


Imprimatur – Edm. Canon Surmont, Vicar General, Westminster, 2nd November 1925


7 Audio CD’s – 6 Hours and 50 Minutes.


The Story of a Soul Audiobook is read by Ann Boulais.


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