Sunday Morning Storyland Catholic Children’s Audiobook CD Set


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Sunday Morning Storyland Catholic Children’s Audiobook CD Set

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A collection of sermons for each Sunday of the year, written for children, and told in a language and manner they can understand. In Sunday Morning Storyland, Fr. Diamond successfully enkindles virtues in youngsters, teaching them about honesty, humility, faith, hope, and charity. Each Sunday, a text is taken from the Gospel of the day and is explained or illustrated by stories that engage the children’s interest and apply the message of the text. Each story is purposefully kept short to keep their attention and help the message hit home more thoroughly. Stories include intriguing titles like “The Nervous Lady in a Trolley Car”, “Vincent Vinegar and Sally Sour Cream”, and “The Devil Stuck in a Trapdoor”. These delightful and engaging sermons are guaranteed to be favorites with your children!


by Rev. Wilfrid J. Diamond


Imprimatur: Moses E. Kiley, Archbishop of Milwaukee November 19, 1945


3 Audio CD’s – 2 Hours and 51 Minutes


Sunday Morning Storyland is read by Maria Therese


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